Corporate Social Responsability

Corporate Social Responsability

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The GoodPlanet Foundation is extending its awareness-raising and environmental missions by promoting development models that are economically efficient, socially responsible and ecologically viable.

This is not about philanthropy but about advising companies, authorities and organizations on sustainable strategy. To make it real, we rely on the “stakeholder theory” and encourage these organisations to establish long-term, constructive and transparent relationships with their customers, employees, suppliers, investors.

Their objective is to assert their structure as responsible corporate organisation and to build themselves as change leaders in their industry.

We offer the following support:

>> To identify their main environmental impacts and assess their carbon footprint

>> To adapt their products and services to their customers’ expectations

>> To educate and mobilize stakeholders such as their employees through awareness-raising and participatory activities

>> To design and implement their Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

>> To enhance their image as a socially responsible company aware of sustainable development issues.

Our CSR support is mainly focused at French businesses.  To learn more, please refer to the French version of our website.


Aurélie Conrozier, CSR Manager
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