Fondation GoodPlanet – Domaine de Longchamp


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The Sustainable Food Pavilion: a place of awareness, discovery and experimentation

Whatever the chosen criteria, the tastes, health, environment and history of peoples, the food system required in the 21st century is both sustainable and humanist. It will allow our children to ensure good nutrition for decades to come. This vision is adapted to the entire food chain. Production, distribution, processing and consumptions are all seeking to makes changes to better respect the planet, the soil, plants, animals and humans. Food is thus becoming THE solution in taking action for a sustainable world.

The GoodPlanet Foundation decided to create a Pavilion dedicated to sustainable food, a place to raise awareness, a place of discovery and experimentation. It is primarily aimed at the future generations who will ensure the widespread deployment of sustainable and humanist practices in food systems. It is an educational ecosystem addressing all dimensions of sustainable food systems, in harmony with the Domaine de Longchamp, between the city and countryside.

Innovative installations, fun and tasty activities and a rich and varied programme will be put with each season in the Pavilion to welcome entire classes, from primary schools to upper secondary schools, groups of students, families from across the world and the neighbouring communities! The public will be able to touch, test, experiment with, practice, and taste sustainable food. The Pavilion also seeks to contribute to the emergence of knowledge and innovative practices that can be applied to the sustainable food industry.

The Sustainable Food Pavilion will be opening its doors in 2017. It is supported by the Elior Group and Alain Ducasse Entreprise. Its development capitalises on the “The solution on a platter!” programme run by the GoodPlanet Foundation and on the experience of the Association Fauve which promotes responsible food systems.


This text was translated with the support of Traducteo.