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Located in Paris, just 10 minutes from Porte Maillot, opposite the Hippodrome de Longchamp racecourse, the Domain is composed of a castle, two wings, and a Medieval tower. Other than its ancient buildings, a 3.5-hectare park, most of which is classified as a World Heritage site, surrounded by water, is home to a vast diversity of fauna and flora. A rarity in Paris, and up until now private, that the Foundation is strongly committed to preserving. Open to the general public as of spring 2017.

©Fondation GoodPlanet


With its exceptional dimensions and its versatility, the Caste is the ideal venue for hosting a variety of events. An adjustable space to welcome diverse audiences on weekdays and weekends.

The castle’s upper floors house a cinema theatre and the HUMAN exhibition, with its previously unheard personal accounts.

©Fondation GoodPlanet
©Fondation GoodPlanet


The former dovecote of the Longchamp Abbey – founded in 1255 – was transformed into a battlement towers in 1858. This tower is the only remaining vestige of the site’s Medieval past. In its centre lies the first private elevator in France, made of metal and wood, the finishing touch of this atypical tower.

The GoodPlanet Foundation will be calling on renowned and committed artists to design exceptional installations to create a poetic experience and thus begin a new chapter in its history.

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Clairière de la Fondation GoodPlanet – Domaine de Longchamp – ©Fondation GoodPlanet

La Clairière

La Clairière de Longchamp, a haven of greenery and forests for unforgettable days and evenings: a true immersion in nature to enjoy a moment of solitude or quality time with friends or family.

Specially designed to welcome the public while preserving its beauty, the ambiance and decor of La Clairière change with every passing hour: picnics/brunch, concerts and festive evenings, performances, screenings, entertainment and collective workshops, among other events.

Hôtel à insectes du Domaine de Longchamp ©Fondation GoodPlanet
Hôtel à insectes du Domaine de Longchamp ©Fondation GoodPlanet


At the heart of the wooded and listed parkland of the Domain, the GoodPlanet Foundation invites the public to explore the natural wealth of the site through an educational and artistic trail.

This trail combines botany with artistic and educational installations to (re)discover urban nature and test the solutions of tomorrow. Accessible to all, this trail takes visitors on a journey that invokes the visual, auditory and olfactory senses.

photo_© valeska gräfenstein 2016-27


At the heart of the Domain, the Foundation has set up a “food hub” composed of a permaculture vegetable garden, a diversified and an apiary. Nature taking back its place in the city… These spaces will be home to participative workshops and classes: gardening club, permaculture vegetable garden, introductory bee workshops… Working the soil and the senses!




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