Information sessions

In the interests of informing and educating people of all ages about preserving the oceans, GoodPlanet organises Ocean Sessions, screenings, discussions and conferences for the general public and makes educational visits to businesses throughout the year.

Ocean Sessions Conference, Quai Branly Museum - 2012 © GoodPlanet Foundation

The Ocean Sessions

In December 2012, we started the first Ocean Days at the Quai Branly Museum and at La Géode in Paris, which were attended by more than 3,000 people. This event offered 15 free screenings of the film Planet Ocean – three of which were for schools (primary, secondary and sixth form), and a conference on the future of the oceans, bringing together a number of renowned experts:

  • Paul Watson, recently returned from the Southern Ocean, Founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, anti-whaling campaigner;
  • Jean Jouzel, climatologist and glaciologist, former Vice-President of the IPCC and former director of the Simon Laplace Institute, global warming expert;
  • Rémy Marion, photographer, videographer, author of many works on the polar regions, polar bear specialist;
  • Christian Sardet, Research Director of the CNRS at the Villefranche-sur-Mer Oceanological Observatory, member of the Tara Oceans team, phytoplankton expert;
  • Bruno Dumontet, expedition leader and founder of Expédition MED, a scientific and environmental campaign against pollution by plastic in the Mediterranean;
  • François Chartier, ocean campaigner for Greenpeace France;
  • Marc-Adrien Marcellier, director and French representative of the North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF);
  • Jacques Rougerie, marine world architect, head of the Sea Orbiter project;
  • Jean-Francois Plessis, Director of COBRENORD, President of ODG (Defence and Management Organisation) of Breizh Filière Mer;
  • Arnaud Burel, head of the Saint Quay Portrieux tourism office.

Find excerpts from this conference here and there.

These information sessions are supplemented by a book, a desk calendar and a Planet Ocean exhibition.

Business visits

Through our oceanographer, the Foundation offers fun educational visits to businesses wanting to explore issues relating to the ocean.

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The OMEGA brand is renowned worldwide for the quality and performance of its watches, as well as its commitment to marine conservation. That is why it chose to work with the GoodPlanet Foundation, supporting its missions worldwide, but specifically with regard to the oceans within the framework of its Ocean Programme.

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