Man and Sea

“How do we make a different kind of book about the oceans, one that not only shows whales and coral reefs, but also the threats weighing on them today and the solutions we can provide? How can we demonstrate the beauty and complexity of our relationship with the sea – because mankind is both the cause and the solution of all these problems?” Yann Arthus-Bertrand

The blue planet, the origin of life, produces the oxygen we breathe and regulates our climate. However, the pressures on the ocean are constantly increasing. In the book ‘Man and Sea’, two celebrated photographers, Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Brian Skerry, combine their goals to discover, through eloquent photographs, a world of which little is known even now. The dialogue between aerial and underwater views reveals the beauty and fragility of the marine world. The stunning pictures in this book and the accompanying text provide a new perspective of these vast expanses of water which cover 70% of our planet. They also explore the relationship between mankind and the oceans and urge the protection of the Earth’s lungs.

This work, written by the GoodPlanet Foundation, also provides a platform for twelve leading figures. Engaged individuals, scientists, campaigners or simply lovers of the ocean, they have all expressed the urgent need to preserve the great blue sea. In the book ‘Man and Sea’, the end of each chapter gives a QR code referring to more detailed information on the website on the subject in question and to a corresponding excerpt from the Planet Ocean film.

It is available in English under the titles ‘Man and Sea’ in the USA and ‘From Above and Below’ in the United Kingdom. German, Italian and Spanish versions of this beautiful book are also available.


The book was accompanied in 2013 by a handy diary, with unprecedented photographs by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and key figures involved with the marine world, enabling the reader to dive into the depths of the ocean all year round.

‘Man and Sea’ is part of the Ocean Programme. It is accompanied by various awareness-building media: e.g. a film, a Planet Ocean exhibition and information sessions aimed at the general public, businesses and children. The programme also includes an action component.

Find out about our conservation projects for the Indonesian coastline and the Time for the Planet programme.




The OMEGA brand is renowned worldwide for the quality and performance of its watches, as well as its commitment to marine conservation. That is why it chose to work with the GoodPlanet Foundation, supporting its missions worldwide, but specifically with regard to the oceans within the framework of its Ocean Programme.

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