Planet Ocean Exhibition

An extraordinary journey to the heart of the oceans

The GoodPlanet Foundation' Planet Ocean exhibition, Geneva © Omega

Echoing the book “Man and Sea”, the Planet Ocean exhibition offers the public a unique two-way view of the world’s oceans. Designed to portray the relationship which binds mankind and the ocean, this exhibition is a journey to the heart of the mysteries of the blue planet.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Brian Skerry have pooled their talent to produce 70 photographs. The images, taken from the sky or from below the surface, and accompanied by copy written by the GoodPlanet Foundation, invite visitors to consider the environmental and socio-economic issues linked to the seas. In particular we see the diverse role played by the ocean – a source of oxygen, the vital lungs of the Earth, a climate regulator, a vital food source, navigational routes… The message is a powerful one, highlighting the need to preserve seas and oceans worldwide.

Planet Ocean is accompanied by a film of the same name by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Michael Pitiot, with the book and the handy “Man and Sea” diary, and information sessions aimed at the general public, business and youngsters.





The OMEGA brand is renowned worldwide for the quality and performance of its watches, as well as its commitment to marine conservation. That is why it chose to work with the GoodPlanet Foundation, supporting its missions worldwide, but specifically with regard to the oceans within the framework of its Ocean Programme.

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