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"Forests and Men" - Moscow, 2011 © GoodPlanet Foundation

Throughout the year, the GoodPlanet Foundation holds photographic exhibitions visited by thousands of people throughout the world. From Paris to Rio de Janeiro via Barcelona, Moscow or Seoul, GoodPlanet organises large-scale events as close as it can to where the people are and in the hearts of the cities.

Focusing on the beauty as well as the fragility of our planet, each of these exhibitions provides an opportunity to highlight modern-day ecological and human challenges thanks to the shared aims of a number of photographers, including Yann Arthus-Bertrand, President of GoodPlanet. Designed to raise public awareness, these beautiful images offer a unique perspective of the incredible riches of our Planet, and the threats to which she is prey, and urge us to protect her.

The Foundation also runs themed campaigns based on a range of media (films, books, posters, etc.) and festivals of films that are engaged.


Eric Boisteaux, Exhibitions manager
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