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Planet Ocean

For the Ocean programme, the GoodPlanet Foundation has created the “Planet Ocean” application in order to inform consumers of the least threatened marine species and to promote sustainable fishing.

The app “Planet Ocean”, instructive and useful, lists 100 species of fish and shellfish according to their origin, the state of their stock and their fishing techniques. It will guide consumers in their choice by helping them identify species managed in a sustainable manner.

You will also discover the underwater world news in real time through the GoodPlanet magazine, some advice about how to consume seafood products in a sustainable manner and recipes.

The app “Planet Ocean” is free. It was developed in partnership with OMEGA and in collaboration with SeaWeb Europe.

> Download the app on Android: http://bit.ly/PlanetOceanAppAndroid
> Download the app on iOS: http://bit.ly/PlanetOceanAppIOS