An ode to humanity

Affiche officielle TERRA

TERRA tells the story of life.

Yann Arthus Bertrand and Michael Pitiot reveal the incredible saga of our living planet. From the first lichen to the gigantic forests, monkeys of the jungle to the mythic animals of the savannah. Over barely 10,000 years, life on Earth has been profoundly affected by the incredible development of humanity. But mankind is now increasingly isolated. How have our relations with other living beings changed so much? What do we still see, or notice, of the living world around us?

TERRA is a journey through the history of life forms, a quest for the animal within us. For true humanity. TERRA is not a wildlife documentary. Nor is it a militant investigative documentary. TERRA is an essay, in the literary sense, on the human species and its relationship with other living beings. By proposing that we once again treat wildlife with the respect it deserves, TERRA shows its credentials as an ode to the human species, a humanist and deliberately positive film, openly advocating that humanity is still capable of “getting back to basics”.

A film to believe in humanity

How do we now wish to regard what lives around us ? The force of TERRA resides in this very question. The film will show how our own image and representation of nature has always been decisive in human history on planet Earth, and how it can still change the course of events to come. What if, within each human being, within each human heart, there was a way of changing things? And what if, by clearly understanding the importance of representation in human society and by grasping what effect a change in that representation could have on the living world, we could once again believe in our own future?

The key is to draw on the extraordinary human ability to anticipate, and to revive an innate empathy, respect and emotional attachment to the very simplest aspects of life on Earth. In a word, very much of our age, TERRA’s ambition is to be ‘an ode to the human species’; a film openly advocating that humanity is still capable of ‘getting back to basics’.

A humanist message, that is very deliberately positive.




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