The solution on a platter !

The solution on a platter !

Mobilisation against climate change is a commitment that can leave us perplexed by the magnitude of the task.

And yet, climate change is everyone’s concern and we all have our role to play. It is through the accumulation of small acts, carried out on our own scale but reproduced here and there, that we can make fundamental changes!

Food systems are one of the keys to leading this revolution as they represent a domain in which everyone can take action to effectively and easily reduce their impact. In France, food accounts for 27% of households’ carbon footprint. But greenhouse gases can be reduced at all stages of the food chain: farmers, manufacturers, retailers, caterers, elected representatives and consumers – we can all take action for the climate!

That is the message advocated by the fun programme “The solution on a platter!” which proposes 60 concrete solutions and 100 exemplary initiatives to effectively reduce the greenhouse gas emissions generated by food systems. Led by individuals, NGOs, local authorities and businesses, these initiatives are all proof that each of us can make a difference, regardless of our habits and priorities. Now it’s up to you to join them and bring your fork to the battle!
With “The solution on a platter!” the planet is the guest of honour at the table!

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This text was translated with the support of Traducteo.